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Here are a few polyvore sets that are fall inspired. If only I had access to this imaginary wardrobe…

Sorry for the lack of posts if anyone is actually reading this blog other than my auntie m&m (HI auntie)!! The truth is it has actually been really quiet around here. If and when we do go on mini outings we rarely take the camera. I must get better at bringing the camera out and documenting our adventures in this city. After all that is one of the main reasons why I started this blog. Anyways to stop from boring you all, here are a few things I’ve found on the internet this week.

1. These Tsumori Chisato tights are amazing!

2. Anyone have an extra $450 they want to give me so I can buy this awesome burrito body pillow

3. A  well written article about the highs and lows of being married to the drummer from the Black Keys.

4. Holy Moley! Hasbeens are 50% off right now. Debating about getting this pair. 

5. I’ve been wanting a bengal kitten for ages now. How cute is this picture.