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All this weekend I’ve had this song in my head.  The melody is so infectious, I can’t help humming along to it. This song has a sort of mellow/Dr. Dog kind of feel to it (if that makes any sense). The entire album, Works on Paper seems to be influenced by a sort of 90s indie rock.  I highly recommend giving the entire album a listen, trust me it’s pretty darn good.


I’ve been listening over and over to this song. The melody to this song is upbeat and joyous but the lyrics are sort of depressing. Sometimes things in life are beyond your control and this song talks about feeling lost and hopeless in certain circumstances. To sum it up this song is beautiful and therapeutic.

I saw these guys play a few years ago at London’s Camden Crawl. Camden Crawl is a small music festival  where you basically hop from pub to pub in Camden and see bands and comedians perform.  All I remember was that it was raining and the idea of doing a pub crawl did not sound amusing at that time. We decided to keep dry in a tiny jazz club and see all the bands that were playing in that venue. It was a smart decision because we got to see loads of bands including:  Casio Kids, Best Coast, and Slow Club.  Seriously, for being a folk band I had low expectations for their live performance but was completely proven wrong. The two band members, Charles and Rebecca have great chemistry and intense energy when playing live. You should definitely check them out if you get the chance to.

*Currently have Slow Club’s-Our Most Brilliant Friends on instant replay.