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Orla Kiley can do no wrong in my book. I love everything from their prints that you get on your bed sheets to the lovely bags they carry.  This British label makes adorable dresses that I can only dream of wearing. Their new autumn/winter collection gives off a 60s vibe- which I can very much appreciate.


* All photos found on Betty Magazine



I received an email from The Yesterday Skin, letting me know that their new collection is available for sale. The Yesterday Skin was founded by Eileen Chan who focuses on bringing attention to unique vintage finds. A problem with vintage is the fact that it can look very cheap and dated. This is certainly not the case for The Yesterday Skin. I like that every piece is vintage but styled with a modern edge to it. My favorite is definitelythe pineapple dress!

All photos can be found here The Yesterday Skin

I have no idea where I would wear this to but I love the colors and that it has some sort of 60s vibe to it.

I can definitely picture Don Drapers wife, Megan wearing this.

Day Tripper

Here’s a photo from the the first ever Miss America pageant. I like how pretty much every woman is wearing flat type of boots.  The first pageant occurred in 1921 at Atlantic City. In case you’re wondering who won, its the third woman from the left.

Polyvore is addictive!! My style usually is described as old lady, but lately I’ve been trying to step out of the box, and  am digging crop tops. I don’t know when I would wear this outfit but a gal can dream. I like that if you look closely you can see tiny little bunnies on the skirt.

Little Critters

First and foremost Annie is a major babe. Besides having the good looks she also plays organ in the band The Like. To be honest, I’m not that keen on their music but I dig the way they dress. Any band that takes inspiration from the 60s and incorporates short shift dresses and miniskirts into their style is fine by me. If you are looking for more of the black and white images of Ms. Annie Monroe look here