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Before we headed back home we  squeezed in some random places to see in LA. One of those random places we visited was the building from the tv show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Like most people I thought they filmed the show in Philadelphia and was surprised to hear that they mostly film in LA. If you’re a fan of the show I’m sure these pictures of  Paddy’s Pub will look familiar to you. Unfortunately you aren’t able to go inside and the building isn’t a bar. Bummer……

Since we were in Downtown LA we decided to visit the “500 days of Summer Park” aka Angels Knoll. On our way to Angels Knoll we passed by the Bradbury Building, you know the building where Blade Runner and where Tom from 500 days of Summer goes for an interview. Here’s a random fact for you: The Bradbury building is the oldest commercial building remaining in LA. It truly an amazing building to see.


A few weeks back while visiting the fam fam we were trying to come up with things to do in LA while spending time with my mom. Ian had come across this video and really wanted to check out the place. When we told my mom about the idea she didn’t seem too keen about driving all the way to Highland Park just to visit a store with a bunch of different sodas. But man, did her opinion change once  she set foot in that door. Her eyes lit up and she got soo excited, let me just say she literally looked like a kid in a candy shop.

If you are ever in LA I’d definitely recommend taking a trip to Galco’s Soda Pop Store. The amounts of soda stocked in this one store is amazing and the sodas are made with actual sugar (none of this corn syrup junk). The owner is super friendly and was able to give advice on which kinds of soda we might like. My favorites sodas so far have been: Mint Julip, Nesbitts Peach, and Bubble Up just to name a few.




I warned you…. we got carried away (or should I say Ian) got carried away and took too many photos at the Monterey aquarium. I decided to dedicate this post entirely to jellyfish. The aquarium makes it impossible to take a bad photo given the contrasts from the blue background and all the bright colors from the jellyfish. There’s lots of good photos in our collection and I hope to get some prints out of these.

It was both of our birthdays this past week so we decided to celebrate by taking a day trip to Monterey. Both of us had never been and thought we should celebrate by going to the aquarium. When we first walked into the aquarium the first animal to greet us was a huge ol’ octopus. I was excited to see him or her (can’t remember) so up close. Any time I go to museums with Ian its always like having a personal tour guide around. He’s always there telling me little tidbits and fun facts where ever we go. In this case he was able to tell me why it’s important that the octopus here changed his/her color. ( I already forgot the reason, I know I have a terrible memory) Ian was behind the lens for every picture and I am thankful because he got so many good photos. Here’s some photos from that day.