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Our birthdays were last week and we were both craving certain things. His craving  just happened to be an oh sooo juicy steak from this place. Ever since he saw Anthony Bourdain’s  visit to The House of Prime Rib he’d been begging to go. I had my doubts about this place, not the biggest steak fan but man did this place impress me. Our favorites in order were the 1) beet and red wine vinaigrette salad 2) the prime rib (duh) 3) the yorkshire pudding. We had no idea that this place was sort of English themed. I lucked out, because I’d been craving proper English pub food for months now.  I’d definitely recommend this place to anyone looking to have a good meal in the city.

Mine was simple, I was craving a burger from the infamous In N’ Out. When you don’t have a car in the city you realize that getting to In N out is quite a trek, but well worth it. So without further ado… Happy Birthday to us.