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Before we headed back home we  squeezed in some random places to see in LA. One of those random places we visited was the building from the tv show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Like most people I thought they filmed the show in Philadelphia and was surprised to hear that they mostly film in LA. If you’re a fan of the show I’m sure these pictures of  Paddy’s Pub will look familiar to you. Unfortunately you aren’t able to go inside and the building isn’t a bar. Bummer……

Since we were in Downtown LA we decided to visit the “500 days of Summer Park” aka Angels Knoll. On our way to Angels Knoll we passed by the Bradbury Building, you know the building where Blade Runner and where Tom from 500 days of Summer goes for an interview. Here’s a random fact for you: The Bradbury building is the oldest commercial building remaining in LA. It truly an amazing building to see.

One of the main things my sister wanted to do while she was visiting was see the Golden Gate Bride. One of my main goals living here, is to actually go on a run on the Golden Gate Bridge. I didn’t get to go on my run but we did get to walk on the bridge. It was sort of intense with all the wind blowing directly in your face. We didn’t actually walk across the entire bridge because someone (I won’t say who) was terrified of heights.

Before walking on the bridge we went to Crissy Field’s and had a picnic. My sister, Mandy also bought a kite and attempted to fly it several times. Unfortunately the kite did not stay up in the air for too long. It was pretty funny to see this random dog chasing the kite while Mandy was running and trying to pick up momentum to get the kite in the air.

My sister and her boyfriend came to visit me this past weekend. On Sunday we lucked out, it was gorgeous weather and we decided to venture to Golden Gate Park. Every time I go to this park it always seems as if there is something new to look at. The little trails remind me of something out of the secret garden.

P.S. Can you spot the squirrel in the last picture? That little critter kept teasing me, when I was really close to getting a good picture of him he would at the last second run up a tree. 

For the one person that reads this, sorry for the lack of posting. It was hard to make time to post while in the last few weeks of school. Well, the good news is school is finally over. My brother decided to come up for the weekend and I took a few pictures of us walking around Golden Gate Park.

I was going through old photos on my computer and came across these. Most of the floral pictures were taken at Kew Gardens in London. I would definitely recommend visiting Kew Gardens its not quite touristy and there is so much to see. The butterfly pictures were taken at the Natural History Museum, also in London. I can’t tell you how much I love butterflies. It was really nice to see them up close and personal, even to the point where you can pet them. Anyways thought I would post some of this pictures I had sitting on my computer since they fit in with this time of year.