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Sometimes dry herbs just won’t do. Yea there’s times when you can’t really taste the difference but when I’m making a pasta sauce I’m definitely going to want those fresh herbs. I’d been wanting to create some sort of herb garden for ages now and we finally managed to create one this weekend.  We went to home depot to get the essentials: dirt, rocks, miracle grower and a garden bed for the herbs. (Please note do not buy rocks if you live somewhere that you are able to easily obtain rocks for free!)  Trader Joe’s has some of the best basil out right now and it’s really cheap. We were able to get the rest of the herbs at Safeway which were about 3 bucks for each herb.  I didn’t know this before but it is definitely important to have a few  holes on the bottom of your herb garden so you can have proper drainage for the herbs. All in all this was a fun and easy project which didn’t take up much time  at all. Our little herb garden will come in handy when we need some rosemary for that chicken we’re going to roast tonight.

Below is a step by step guide on how we created our little herb garden. In case you’re wondering, the herbs we decided to grow were basil, thyme, oregano, rosemary, and sage (just the basics). Take a look below the basil is out of control!!