Yikes I haven’t logged on to this blog since August! I practically forgot how to post on this site. Sorry for the lack of posting to anyone who actually takes the time to read this blog. Yeah auntie and Marvin I’m apologizing to the both of you.  Well, I finally graduated this past December and couldn’t be more excited to have finally finished with my studies.We spent the past two weeks celebrating the holidays with the fam fam. I think by the end of  our two weeks my family was ready to ship us back. Having spent so much time back home made me realize how much I missed the city. I’m truly excited to explore more of the city this new year and get to know every nook and cranny that makes this place such an amazing place to live in.

So I leave you with a picture of my infamous jumps at Santa Monica. By the way how crazy is it to live in Southern California during Christmas??? Yeah…. part of me feels guilty for those that actually do experience winter weather.