I think the last time we flew back home was in December for Christmas of last year, so obviously a trip was long over due. It was a little hectic planning and arranging times to see everyone since we were only staying for the weekend. But it was really lovely seeing all of the fam fam. Here are some photos from Friday where we spent the entire day with my brother (Daisy) and sister (The Beast). We started out the day eating pizza at Pieology (described as the Chipotle for pizza) then ate ourselves into a food coma with ice cream from Farrell’s. The diner has an all american theme to it and they are known for their over the top ice cream sundays. The plan was to end the day on a hot air balloon in Irvine but our plan failed miserably due to my sister and I losing track of time while shopping. Luckily Daisy was still able to go and enjoy it with his girlfriend, Nicolle since he was the responsible one out of all of us. To make up for it the beast, her boyfriend(Tim Tim) , Ian and I went miniature golfing. I can’t remember the last time I played but it was a lot of fun. After mini golf we met up with Daisy and Nicolle only to drive to some bowling alley and bowl for two hours. Still can’t believe we did so much on Friday, we certainly were exhausted the next morning.