Beets… there’s so much to say about this vegetable that I hated when I was little. To me, they smelled funny and the texture made them too funky for my liking.  But now a days it’s a different story. Simply put, they have a delicate sweet taste to them. So when we had to use up a can of beets that had been sitting on our shelf for longer than I’d like to admit, I knew a risotto would be perfect. The best thing about cooking risottos are the ingredients are endless and you can basically use any leftover food item that you have sitting in your fridge.

When I was just learning to cook, the idea of cooking a risotto gave me nightmares. I’d seen on cooking shows where actual chefs would get it all wrong.  But once I saw Jamie Oliver cook a risotto on his 30 minute meals show I knew that I could do it! After all, he did make it look so easy. Basically the key to making a perfect risotto is having your stock boiled and then little by little adding cups of your boiled stock to the Arborio rice. Here’s the  recipe of Jamie Oliver’s basic risotto.

Basic Ingredients