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Monthly Archives: July 2012

This entire summer I’ve been craving pub food. So when one day out of the blue Ian said he wanted  to make a cottage pie I jumped at the chance of watching him make it. It really bugs him when we go to restaurants and on the menu is a shepherd’s pie with ground beef. In case your wondering its quite simple: shepherd’s pie=ground lamb and cottage pie= ground beef. It’s in the name and in case you ever find yourself confused ask yourself, “what does a shepherd herd?”


Adding in the worcestershire sauce

What you’ll need:

-Ground beef

-A good mashing potato 

– Carrots


-Frozen peas

-Beef stock


– Worcestershire sauce


1. Preheat oven 400ºF

2. Boil potatoes (Make sure to cut the potatoes into large equal sizes because you don’t want to end up with watery mashed potatoes if they are cut too small)

3.  Brown ground beef ( If you want to be healthy drain excess fat but make sure to keep some of the fat)

4. Saute Veggies (Remember that extra fat that you kept, pour this on to veggies, will give extra flavor)

5. Once potatoes are boiled, mash, and then let them cool

6. Pour  beef/veg mix into casserole dish. 

7. Add mashed potatoes on top.

*We decided to go fancy by pipping the mashed potatoes using a zip lock bag. Spreading the mashed potatoes on to the top will do just fine. Keep in oven for about 30 minutes. Once it has a golden crisp add cheese and broil for 5 minutes. 









Sorry for the lack of posts if anyone is actually reading this blog other than my auntie m&m (HI auntie)!! The truth is it has actually been really quiet around here. If and when we do go on mini outings we rarely take the camera. I must get better at bringing the camera out and documenting our adventures in this city. After all that is one of the main reasons why I started this blog. Anyways to stop from boring you all, here are a few things I’ve found on the internet this week.

1. These Tsumori Chisato tights are amazing!

2. Anyone have an extra $450 they want to give me so I can buy this awesome burrito body pillow

3. A  well written article about the highs and lows of being married to the drummer from the Black Keys.

4. Holy Moley! Hasbeens are 50% off right now. Debating about getting this pair. 

5. I’ve been wanting a bengal kitten for ages now. How cute is this picture. 

I’ve been listening over and over to this song. The melody to this song is upbeat and joyous but the lyrics are sort of depressing. Sometimes things in life are beyond your control and this song talks about feeling lost and hopeless in certain circumstances. To sum it up this song is beautiful and therapeutic.

As you can see I’ve been hooked on Polyvore. Here are a few sets I put together of my dream wardrobe which must include cardies and dresses.

1. I can’t believe this sold out. Looks like a fun run.

2. Hopefully this weekend we get to see this movie or this Neil Young documentary looks interesting too.

3. A good quote from Conan

4. I’ve been getting into 30 rock. We share a common obsession with food. Watch this

5. Want these pillows. I can finally say Nap Time!

I’m kind of hesitant to be doing a post about this recipe for two reasons. The first being, it’s a Victoria sponge not really sure if  it qualifies as a recipe since it’s pretty much just a sponge cake. The second reason is the fact that it’s not really considered a Victoria Sponge cake since I forgot the cream (a big no no, according to Ian).

I’m not a huge fan of baking, I hate that you have to be precise and measure everything. It’s not like cooking where you can add something on a whim and it still turn out alright. Baking requires that you follow instructions and I am often guilty of skipping an instruction or two. Anyways I am pleased with how it turned out . I got the opportunity to use up the rest of the jam I had make. I will admit, it felt really good to say that the entire dessert was made from scratch.

Cake batter!!

I received an email from The Yesterday Skin, letting me know that their new collection is available for sale. The Yesterday Skin was founded by Eileen Chan who focuses on bringing attention to unique vintage finds. A problem with vintage is the fact that it can look very cheap and dated. This is certainly not the case for The Yesterday Skin. I like that every piece is vintage but styled with a modern edge to it. My favorite is definitelythe pineapple dress!

All photos can be found here The Yesterday Skin