We’ve become lazy over the past few weeks, in hopes of cooking less we make soups and stews that last us for days. All those people that say they don’t have time to cook, this recipe calls out your name. I took this recipe from Smitten Kitchen, added a few extra ingredients (carrots, onions) in order to bulk it out more and thereby lasting longer. I think the key to this recipe is letting the tomatoes roast in the oven for a good hour. By doing that, you get a flavor that is out of this world plus your house smells amazing.

On a side note, I have no idea how some food bloggers are able to get mouthwatering photos of their food. I tried taking a few pictures of the soup but the heat kept getting in the way and fog up my camera lense.

Season and Roast in oven at 400 degrees

Roasted Tomotoes added into the onions and carrots that are sweating

Add boiled water and chicken stockPureed and added a bit of cream