Last week, Ian made fresh sourdough bread. What goes well with out of the oven, piping hot bread you might ask? The answer: JAM! Ian recommended this book Preserves: River Cottage Handbook. The author known as “Pam the Jam” provides detailed instructions on making anything from jam to ketchup. I look forward to seeing what other recipes I am able to try out this summer.

I won’t lie making jam for the first time was a tad intimidating. I had heard so many horror stories of jam going wrong all because it wasn’t at the right temperature.  I had a mild panic attack when the jam started to rise almost too fast and look as though it would gush out from the pan. All in all making jam for the first time was a bit stressful (partly because I forgot to add the most crucial ingredient: PECTIN) Note to self, must remember Keep Calm and Carry on. Hopefully next time will be less stressful!