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Monthly Archives: June 2012

I warned you…. we got carried away (or should I say Ian) got carried away and took too many photos at the Monterey aquarium. I decided to dedicate this post entirely to jellyfish. The aquarium makes it impossible to take a bad photo given the contrasts from the blue background and all the bright colors from the jellyfish. There’s lots of good photos in our collection and I hope to get some prints out of these.

Our birthdays were last week and we were both craving certain things. His craving  just happened to be an oh sooo juicy steak from this place. Ever since he saw Anthony Bourdain’s  visit to The House of Prime Rib he’d been begging to go. I had my doubts about this place, not the biggest steak fan but man did this place impress me. Our favorites in order were the 1) beet and red wine vinaigrette salad 2) the prime rib (duh) 3) the yorkshire pudding. We had no idea that this place was sort of English themed. I lucked out, because I’d been craving proper English pub food for months now.  I’d definitely recommend this place to anyone looking to have a good meal in the city.

Mine was simple, I was craving a burger from the infamous In N’ Out. When you don’t have a car in the city you realize that getting to In N out is quite a trek, but well worth it. So without further ado… Happy Birthday to us.



Okay here’s the formula to making any song catchy. It has to include any of these three elements: ooooooooooooooooo, lalalalalala, or any type of whistling. This song is definitely an oooooooooooooo song.

We’ve become lazy over the past few weeks, in hopes of cooking less we make soups and stews that last us for days. All those people that say they don’t have time to cook, this recipe calls out your name. I took this recipe from Smitten Kitchen, added a few extra ingredients (carrots, onions) in order to bulk it out more and thereby lasting longer. I think the key to this recipe is letting the tomatoes roast in the oven for a good hour. By doing that, you get a flavor that is out of this world plus your house smells amazing.

On a side note, I have no idea how some food bloggers are able to get mouthwatering photos of their food. I tried taking a few pictures of the soup but the heat kept getting in the way and fog up my camera lense.

Season and Roast in oven at 400 degrees

Roasted Tomotoes added into the onions and carrots that are sweating

Add boiled water and chicken stockPureed and added a bit of cream

It was both of our birthdays this past week so we decided to celebrate by taking a day trip to Monterey. Both of us had never been and thought we should celebrate by going to the aquarium. When we first walked into the aquarium the first animal to greet us was a huge ol’ octopus. I was excited to see him or her (can’t remember) so up close. Any time I go to museums with Ian its always like having a personal tour guide around. He’s always there telling me little tidbits and fun facts where ever we go. In this case he was able to tell me why it’s important that the octopus here changed his/her color. ( I already forgot the reason, I know I have a terrible memory) Ian was behind the lens for every picture and I am thankful because he got so many good photos. Here’s some photos from that day.

Sometimes dry herbs just won’t do. Yea there’s times when you can’t really taste the difference but when I’m making a pasta sauce I’m definitely going to want those fresh herbs. I’d been wanting to create some sort of herb garden for ages now and we finally managed to create one this weekend.  We went to home depot to get the essentials: dirt, rocks, miracle grower and a garden bed for the herbs. (Please note do not buy rocks if you live somewhere that you are able to easily obtain rocks for free!)  Trader Joe’s has some of the best basil out right now and it’s really cheap. We were able to get the rest of the herbs at Safeway which were about 3 bucks for each herb.  I didn’t know this before but it is definitely important to have a few  holes on the bottom of your herb garden so you can have proper drainage for the herbs. All in all this was a fun and easy project which didn’t take up much time  at all. Our little herb garden will come in handy when we need some rosemary for that chicken we’re going to roast tonight.

Below is a step by step guide on how we created our little herb garden. In case you’re wondering, the herbs we decided to grow were basil, thyme, oregano, rosemary, and sage (just the basics). Take a look below the basil is out of control!!

I have no idea where I would wear this to but I love the colors and that it has some sort of 60s vibe to it.

I can definitely picture Don Drapers wife, Megan wearing this.

Day Tripper