So, this blog was supposed to have lots of “food porn” but the trouble is, it’s hard to take pictures daily of all the food we eat. There’s so many recipes that I want to try that I even have a tab bar dedicated to food. Since arriving to the US, Ian has come to the belief that we do not have any decent bread here. He has taken it upon himself to make his own bread. A lot of work goes into making bread but seriously once you try straight out of the oven  bread you realize that there is no comparison.

These pictures make me realize that we eat a lot of Italian food, which only gets me thinking of Italy. Lately I’ve had a sense of nostalgia for that country, maybe its all the Bourdain I’ve watched or the fact that two years ago my cousin and I were eating our way through Italy.  Anyways here’s some of the food that we’ve cooked up in the past few months. WARNING do no look at these photos if you have not eaten yet. Ian's attempt at Tartine BreadThe Crumb ShotAttempt at gnocchi