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Monthly Archives: March 2012


Just ask Ian, and he will tell you that I have way more girl crushes than boy crushes. One of my girl crushes is the very lovely and talented Dita Von Teese. Dita is known for her burlesque but has also worked on a vintage inspired lingerie line. She always looks so put together (the opposite of me) and oozes of glamour. I love how when she runs errands she still manages to look like a million bucks. It’s evident through Dita’s fashion sense that she is clearly  inspired by the 40’s and 50’s. I’m glad that Dita has brought the 50s retro pinup style back into fashion. Here’s a few pictures that capture Dita’s quirky yet glamorous style.

This band is being compared to Best Coast, but just because there’s a chick singer in the band doesn’t mean that every chick band sounds the same. They played SXSW and I hope they get a chance to play over here. I can’t help but want to dance when I listen to this song. Give it a listen and tell me what you think.

I’ve been on the hunt for some floral pants for some time now. I admit, I’d rather be in a dress than pants but I’ve found that San Francisco weather has made it difficult to wear dresses all the time. Sometimes I find that jeans can be dull but these pants are the opposite of boring. I love that these pants have a feminine charm to them. Also I’m becoming a bit obsessed over Madewell and their colorful flats. Have a look at a few outfits I put together.

Floral Pants

Okay, so when I get hooked on a song, its terrible for everyone around me because I make them listen to it constantly(i’m a terrible person, i know). I’m a sucker for any song that you can whistle to and if you listen to this song I bet you won’t stop whistling to it either. Go on, make your day, listen to this song.

I’ve been on a search for a denim dress after months of lusting over Stella Mcccartney’s Spring Summer/2011 collection (a little late I know.)Something about the denim dress, its chic and perfect for Spring.  There’s so many versions of the denim dress, that it really depends on what your style is. Alexa Chung has been snapped around wearing anything from vintage to the actual Stella Mccartney denim dress. Mccartney’s dress is sill expensive even when it’s on sale, $550! Looking on Etsy to hope I can find something cheaper, until then I will just have to drool at these pictures.

Here’s some images that are currently inspiring me right now:

Reminds me of being in grade school all over again.

Hannah wearing “the dress”

Carrie of


Vintage dress from http://audreygraceshop.blogspot.com/

Love the color combination. Kerry from http://yourstrulymag.blogspot.com/